The Van Halen summer tour with David Lee Roth exclusively revealed here last week has now been confirmed by the band's publicist. In a statement, the group said it would tour with David Lee Roth on vocals for the first time since 1984. Dates and cities have yet to be announced.

"I am very excited to get back to the core of what made Van Halen," guitarist Eddie Van Halen said in a statement. Van Halen's 15-year-old son Wolfgang has stepped in for original bassist Michael Anthony in the new incarnation of the group, which also features drummer Alex Van Halen.

The instrumentalists rehearsed with Roth in December to make sure the chemistry was right, and the parties then moved forward to sign a contract for 40 concerts this summer.

Van Halen last toured in 2004 with vocalist Sammy Hagar, grossing nearly $40 million, according to Billboard Boxscore. Hagar refused to collaborate further with the Van Halen brothers after the tour's completion ("I don't get along with Eddie anymore, and that's all there is to it," he told in August 2005), although he has consistently played live with Anthony in recent years. The warring factions may wind up meeting in public in March when Van Halen is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The summer tour is expected to be one of the most in-demand of the year, joining reunion outings from the Police and Crowded House, among others.