Tickets to the 2007 edition of Ozzfest will be free, organizers said today (Feb. 6). The 25-date tour will begin July 7 in Los Angeles; details have yet to be announced regarding distribution of tickets. The event, which will be headlined by Ozzy Osbourne, will be underwritten by a host of sponsorship deals.

"For the last few years, ticket prices have steadily climbed as artists demand more and more money for summer tours," says tour creator Sharon Osbourne. "We certainly want everybody to make money; however, we also want the kids to be able to afford to come out and have an incredible experience. If we continued with the traditional touring festival model, we would have no choice but to raise ticket prices again this year."

Ozzfest will visit such cities as San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Albuquerque, N.M., Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Kansas City, Mo., St Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Pa., New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Hartford, Conn., Charlotte, N.C., Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Fla., and Nashville. Besides Osbourne, the rest of the lineup is still coming together.

Ozzfest has been the most financially successful of all touring festivals, taking in $204,963,850 and drawn attendance of 5,140,944 to 313 shows since it debuted in 1996. The tour is booked by Marsha Vlasic at MVO, and produced by Live Nation.