Apple and Cisco Systems are near a settlement over the iPhone name, reports the Wall Street Journal . Both companies have devices coming out that share the same moniker -- Apple's iPhone is a cellular phone operating on the AT&T (formerly Cingular) network, while Cisco's iPhone is a voice-over-IP phone that can make calls over an in-home Internet connection.

Cisco had a copyright on the name first, and sued Apple when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at MacWorld last month. Apple has until Thursday (Feb. 15) to respond to the Cisco suit, and most industry experts expect a settlement by then.

Cisco interestingly is seeking not monetary damages, but instead for Apple to make the iTunes system interoperable with Cisco's wireless networking equipment. Such interoperability would allow users to stream iTunes-purchased music from their home computer through their home stereo system using Cisco's media adapter products -- something which currently is not possible due to Apple's closed system.