Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) has sued radio personality Luis Jimenez, alleging that the former host of New York's top-rated "El Vacilon de la Manana" solicited members of his ensemble cast to leave the show with him before he switched to Univision Radio at the end of last year.

SBS, which broadcasts the program in several markets out of WSKQ (Mega 97.9-FM), also alleges in a federal suit that Jimenez violated SBS' trademark of the "Vacilon" name by releasing a DVD last month of "El Vacilon: The Movie" and illegally disabling the Web sites and (Jimenez registered the latter and produced the movie while an SBS employee, according to SBS' suit).

"While he was working for us, obviously he used that name and he did, without written authorization, use it to do the movie," WSKQ GM Frank Flores tells "We had no problems while he was working for us because it was a friendlier situation. Now that he's no longer with us, we have problems with him laying any claim to El Vacilon, whether it's in a movie or someplace else."

The suit in state court alleges that Jimenez violated his contract by soliciting cast members including co-host Raymond Broussard (aka "Moonshadow"), who is still under contract at SBS but has been off the air since Jimenez' departure. Meanwhile, Juan Carlos and Frankie Jay have taken over hosting duties. Flores says the rest of the Vacilon ensemble has been signed to new five-year contracts.

Other than a request for $100,000 for each allegedly improper domain name use, the state and federal suits provided to seek unspecified damages.

Jimenez, who began broadcasting "The Luis Jimenez Show" in five markets on Feb. 22, has reportedly countersued. His agent could not be reached at press time.