U.K. buzz act and modern girl group the Pipettes have linked with Interscope Records imprint Cherrytree in the United States. The act released its debut, "We Are the Pipettes," in July of last year on London-based indie Memphis Industries.

Cherrytree, which is also home to Canadian singer/songwriter Feist, is planning to re-release "We Are the Pipettes" this summer, according to label sources. It is not yet known if the U.S. edition will contain extra tracks not available on the U.K. version.

The Pipettes will play their first major North American shows in March. The act has a sold-out date March 13 at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, and then will play multiple showcases at the South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas, which runs March 14-18. The Pipettes are also expected to announce a Los Angeles date.

Previously, "We Are the Pipettes" had been available in limited quantities in the U.S. via San Francisco-based distributor Revolver.

The Pipettes are not the first act Memphis has licensed to a major label for a greater marketing push in America. The label is also home to peppy pop act The Go! Team, who aligned with Columbia for the U.S. release of "Thunder Lightning, Strike" in 2005.

Memphis co-founder Ollie Jacob says it was The Go! Team who first turned him onto the Pipettes. "That was back in 2004, and they told me I should check them out," Jacob says. "We went along to a show, and said, 'That'll do.' We fully expected majors to come in, but one way or another they didn't come in."