Jennifer Peña: "Dicen Que El Tiempo ..."
Producers: Jennifer Pena, Sebastian Krys
Release date: Feb. 27

Jennifer Peña knows what a catchy hook sounds like. At just 23, the singer/actress has already been on a musical odyssey on the Tejano circuit, as a pop star and now writer and producer of her own material. With the help of her Latin Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter boyfriend Obie Bermudez and pop-rock hitmaker Sebastian Krys, she adds a personal touch to generally sunny fare (she even lets her dog sing an interlude). It's more girl-next-door earnest than deep or cheeky, but the album is full of radio-friendly, musically varied singles. From well-crafted power ballads (first single "Como Entender," "Tuya") fun synth- and accordion-driven uptempo numbers and even a Gwen Stefani-like ska number ("Tus Besos"), Peña embraces her newest role with audible relish. --Ayala Ben-Yehuda