Hispanic listeners don't tune in all that much to country music stations, but they tune in enough to be considered an audience with significant growth potential.

According to a survey released by the Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) and Edison Media Research, 2% of Hispanics tune into country radio, as often as they do to alternative, oldies or urban contemporary, among other formats. Among non-Spanish language formats, only adult contemporary and top 40 fared better, with 5% and 4% of Hispanics tuning in, respectively.

However, Hispanic listener's attitudes toward country were overwhelmingly popular, with a majority find it "fun and exciting" and "getting better recently." Still, the study found, potential listening among Hispanics was hampered by lack of awareness of their local stations and lack of outreach by country radio.

The Country Music Association has recently created a Hispanic Task Force that will use the research findings to hopefully initiate some programs tailored to the Hispanic market.

The study surveyed 600 Hispanics in Houston and Miami, ages 12-49.