Amy Winehouse: "Back To Black"
Producers: Mark Ronson, Salaam Remi
Universal Motown
Release Date: March 13

An international smash finally seeing U.S. release, "Back to Black" is a guileless, brutal breakup album that can sit with the best of them, set to the sounds of music's finest early rock moments. Producers Ronson and Remi capture Winehouse's '60s girl group vibe expertly, all piano arpeggios and punchy horns, with one foot in theatrical doo-wop and another in soulful Motown. But Winehouse is an entirely new creature, a product of hip-hop and jazz, experience, not innocence. She confesses like Liz Phair, accuses like Mary J. Blige and aches like Nina Simone in a controlled alto that can wring emotion out of a low C. "Rehab," an intervention rejection, sounds like a gospel work song. "You Know I'm No Good" is as hip-hop as it is blues with a chomping breakbeat and Ghostface Killah cameo. By album's end, you're left just like Winehouse-spent but wanting more. --Kerri Mason