At Billboard's upcoming Mobile Entertainment Live! conference March 26, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman will be the featured keynote speaker in an exclusive Fireside Chat interview.

So what is the founder of the Warped Tour doing at a mobile entertainment conference? According to Lyman, the intent is twofold -- first to discuss how the mobile entertainment industry can better target specific niche audiences, such as teens; and second to outline how the concert and touring industry can better use mobile technologies.

One of the secrets to success of the Warped Tour is Lyman's ability to super-serve its core audience of teen alt-rock fans. Lyman says the mobile entertainment industry should similarly focus more on serving the needs of target markets, rather than taking the shotgun one-size-fits-all approach it has to date.

Lyman is also very excited about the potential for using applications like
mobile ticketing, text messaging and other services to enhance the concert experience, and will outline his ideas for how the touring and mobile industries can better work together.

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