Ted Cohen, former EMI digital music guru and current TAG Strategic managing partner, will be moderating a plenary session at Billboard's upcoming Mobile Entertainment Live! conference March 26, focusing on how to best produce entertainment content for the mobile phone.

The plenary, titled "Producing Mobile Content," also features Nancy Levin, exec. producer of music television for MobiTV; Bill Stone, president of Amp'd Mobile; Dan Tibbets, studio chief for GoTV; Livia Tortella, GM & executive VP of marketing and creative media for Atlantic Records; and Frank Chindamo, president of Fun Little Movies.

Billboard spoke briefly with Cohen in advance of the show to get an inside peak of what to expect:

Q: As moderator, what takeaway do you hope the audience will get from attending this panel?
A: An appreciation for what goes into creating original content as opposed to repurposing content. How do you really craft content that fits the medium?

Q: Do you think mobile can be a platform for "long tail" content, or is limited to just hits?
A: There's a long tail. A great music phone becomes your companion, so it's not just about hits, but something that provides a high-quality soundtrack for you.

Q: Is there any topic or question you are most excited about discussing with your panel?
A: Bringing some focus to what it really costs to create some of this content. What's the easy path to create mobile content cost-effectively and how expensive it can get. It's important for people to know that even at its most cost-efficient, it's still revenue and resource intensive to create a high quality experience. I think demystifying that and getting rid of the over-simplification of reformatting is important.

For more information about Billboard's Mobile Entertainment Live! event, please visit www.billboardevents.com.