The Copyright Royalty Board will be reviewing objections to its recent decision over webcasting rates.

"The Copyright Royalty Judges desire to hear the positions of each party on each of the issues raised in these motions," the judges wrote in their March 20 order.

The order indicates that most of the groups that participated in the two-year proceeding filed motions asking the CRB to reconsider the decision, including radio broadcasters, the Digital Media Assn. (DiMA) and its member companies, SoundExchange, National Public Radio, college broadcasters, small webcasters and others.

On March 2, the CRB set 2006-2010 compulsory-license royalty rates that webcasters and simulcasters must pay to perform sound recordings on noninteractive Web sites (section 114 of the Copyright Act).

Most small webcasters are claiming that they will be put out of business if they must pay the rates set, which range from .08 cents per stream in 2006 to .19 cents per stream in 2010. Large webcasters reportedly say the drastic increase to
.19 cents in 2010 may also put them out of business, or at least severely hurt the companies financially. Noncommercial webcasters also claim the rates are too high.

The CRB set April 2 as the due date for the parties' written arguments and
responses to the other parties' motions.