Musicphone ownership is on the rise worldwide, but consumers are not yet using them the way the music industry originally hoped, according to new research from M:Metrics.

Sideloading remains the most preferred way to put music on these devices, as opposed to buying them over the air. In the U.S., about 3% of musicphone owners listened to sideloaded music, while 0.7% did so with music they downloaded.

However, musicphones are quickly becoming more prevalent. Almost a third of all phones sold this January in the U.S. were musicphones. Overall, musicphones represent 17% of the U.S. mobile phone market.

Which model of musicphone consumers buy dictates how they interact with music on the device. Overall, only 31% of consumers that own both a musicphone and stand-alone MP3 player use the phone as their primary device. However those with an LG Chocolate or Motorola SLVR are 60% more likely than average to use their phone as their primary music device.