The first mobile operator to launch a full-song wireless music download service is now also the first to slash prices. Sprint announced at the CTIA Wireless 2007 event that it will drop the price of full-song downloads to 99 cents, from $2.50, starting in early April.

Accessing the Sprint Music Store also requires a $15 - $20 monthly subscription fee as part of its Power Vision data plan. Last year, Verizon Wireless dropped the monthly fee required to access its full-song music download service, but has said it has no plans to drop the cost of individual downloads-currently $2.

Sprint says more than 15 million songs have been downloaded from the store since it launched in November of 2005. Some of these songs were not purchased, however, due to various promotions and giveaways.

Sprint also introduced a new music phone-the Samsung "UpStage"-and released a special software package called the "Music Manager" program that will allow users to more easily sideload music from their computers to the phone.