The Alabama House of Representatives has voiced opposition to the proposed merger of XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. House members unanimously passed a resolution this morning urging the U.S. Attorney General and the FCC to oppose the merger as a monopoly.

House Joint Resolution 144 states that the "merger will result in consumers, musicians, and other entertainers being subject to a single company with unlimited market power to impose anti-competitive terms, conditions and prices." Combing the two satellite radio companies will "potentially restrict programming, reduce diversity, and diminish creativity; each result negatively, impacting the public interest."

A spokesman for the National Assn. of Broadcasters says that the group, which represents more than 8,300 radio and television broadcasters, hopes that other states will introduce similar resolutions opposing the merger. The NAB claims, in part, that if the two companies merge, the new company will have a stronghold on the market without competition.

"The NAB's unprecedented campaign against the merger demonstrates that AM and FM broadcasters vigorously compete with satellite radio," an XM spokesperson said in a statement. "The more the NAB does to oppose the merger, the more it weakens their credibility."

The resolution now goes to the Alabama Senate for consideration. The Senate
could vote on the resolution as early as next Thursday (April 5).