Chayanne: "Mi Tiempo"
Producer: Estéfano
Sony BMG
Release Date: April 10

Chayanne has always been masterful at selecting just the right material to fit his voice and the tastes of the times. Here, as usual, he mixes big ballads like "Si Nos Quedara Poco Tiempo" with uptempo fare. But the album is also a departure in its incorporation of reggae ("Juicio Final") and samba ("Río"). Indeed, this is a pop artist through and through who feels confident enough to navigate myriad influences without losing his basic sound. It's hard to divorce Chayanne from his entrenched stage persona. When one hears tracks like the delicious "Lola," it's impossible not to picture them performed onstage with a cadre of dancers. But here, the most memorable songs are slow, particularly the pared-down, acoustic "Sin Palabras de Relleno" and the gorgeous "Indispensable," which should be a single down the line. --Leila Cobo