American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar should now be addressed as "Sanjaya" — at least in the blogosphere.

Web chatter over his improbable enduring presence in the top-rated TV singing competition has reached such a fever pitch that bloggers now primarily refer to him by first name only, according to a new study.

By a factor of three-to-one bloggers now use the shorthand of "Sanjaya" when
talking about Malakar, Nielsen BuzzMetrics reports. And overall online references to Malakar have increased over 330% between the weeks of February 18 and April 8.

"Sanjaya has quickly become a pop-culture phenomenon and is significantly influencing the volume, tenor and tone of conversation around American Idol," said Pete Blackshaw, chief marketing officer, Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

At the center of the conversation about Sanjaya is the idea that he does not belong among Idol's top contestants because he lacks talent; rather bloggers think his staying power is being driven by Howard Stern and Vote for the Worst, a website dedicated to supporting the least-talented Idol contestants, the report says.