MySpace en Espanol, a Spanish-language version of MySpace targeting US Latinos, and pan-regional site MySpace Latinoamerica have launched to service the Latin social networking space.

Though MySpace currently counts about 6 million US Latino users, MySpace international senior VP Travis Katz told an audience at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami, "there are a lot of people not using the site today because it's only available in English in the United States."

Instead of Latin artists comprising "one sliver" on the music page that also includes indie rock, hip-hop and metal, Katz said MySpace en Espanol "gives us a much greater platform to showcase Latin music on the site."

Katz cited artists Pitbull and Paula DeAnda as bilingual Latin artists that have used MySpace to build large fan bases.

The new Spanish language sites are currently available at and Artists with English language pages can launch the same content and friends list through the new portals without having to manage separate accounts.

MySpace Mexico launched a month and a half ago. Since that time, the company
says sign-ups in that country have more than doubled.