Warner Music Group will begin selling music on MySpace via a deal with the social networking giant's digital commerce partner Snocap.

Fans looking to purchase WMG tracks from MySpace will be able to download
content without leaving the artist's MySpace page. But unlike other MySpace/Snocap content partners, WMG will not offer its music in the MP3 format.

Instead the major label will offer music in the "Plays For Sure" strain of Microsoft's WMA digital rights management standard. That means tracks will be compatible with "Plays For Sure" compatible devices from the likes of Sansa, Archos, Samsung, iRiver, Creative Labs, and Toshiba, but not with two of the biggest portable players on the market: Apple's iPod and Microsoft's Zune.

The "Plays For Sure" DRM is not compatible with either the iPod, which utilizes Apple's FairPlay DRM format, or the Zune, which uses a different proprietary version of WMA.

Napster, MTV's Urge, and Yahoo Music Unlimited are among the digital music services already supporting "Plays For Sure."