Various Artists: “Spider-Man 3: Music From and Inspired By”
Producer: Dave Sardy
Record Collection
Release Date: May 1

Spidey may soon be coming to Broadway, but for now, soaring alt-rock powers his Web-slinging life. The soundtrack to the third "Spider-Man" film begins with Snow Patrol's starry-eyed power ballad, "Signal Fire," and soon shifts gears with the Killers' "Move Away," a pumped, early U2-style workout, while Wolfmother delivers perfect fight-scene riffs ("Pleased to Meet You"). More satisfying, moody slow-burners like "Scared of Myself" (Simon Dawes) reach deeper into our superhero's soul, better matching the movie's story line (Peter Parker's suit suddenly turns black), as do acoustic ballads by indie bands Black Mountain ("Stay Free") and Rogue Wave ("Sidelines"). Best of the bunch is the Flaming Lips' Supertramp-ish piano ballad "The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How to Be in Love," whose title sums up the set's refreshing lesson: With great power comes great sensitivity. --Sven Philipp