Maroon5: "It Won't Be Soon Before Long"
Producers: Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent, Mark Endert, Eric Valentine
Release Date: May 22

Nearly every song on Maroon5's two albums is about a girl, leaving or being left, or getting loved within an inch of her life by Adam Levine. "It makes me burn to learn you're with another man," he sings on new album opener "If I Never See Your Face Again." "I wonder if he's half the lover that I am." But with songs this sticky, his hubris is forgiven. The slick, hyper-produced "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" is a set of 12 potential hits, all mashes of groove and guitar firepower. They're unified by Levine's invaluable voice, which croons rock and belts soul with a clean pop finish. "Can't Stop" is "Harder to Breathe" 2007; "Makes Me Wonder" sounds more Jackson 5 than Maroon5, with congas and a jangly disco riff; and "Better That We Break" is the band's most epic stuff yet. No sophomore slump here. --Kerri Mason