The correlation between illegal file-sharing and the decline of CD sales in Italy has been further illustrated by a new report.

According to the study, published by the Einaudi Foundation, a Rome-based economic research institute, 30% of illegal file-sharers admitted to having reduced their purchases of CDs and DVDs.

Almost two-thirds of interviewees claimed to have remained constant in their CD and DVD buying, while a mere 6% said that illegal file-sharing had increased their tendency to buy CDs.

The survey was based on interviews with 1,600 Internet users in assorted age groups.

Of the subjects interviewed, 77% admitted to using illegal P2P networks, while 23% said they used legal on-line services. 51% of illegal file-sharers said they used emule, while 25% used WinMX and 13% Kazaar.

More than 60% of interviewees said they bought less than one CD a month, while 30% admitted to buying no physical copies of music whatsoever.