Game publisher Konami recently struck a digital distribution deal with Sony BMG to market its library of videgame music through various online services. The company's digital entertainment music manager Michael Rajna gives some background into both the deal and Konami's strategy for music in games in this interview with

While it rarely gets past the surface issues (in fact it reads as if it were an e-mail interview), it does feature a few good tidbits about how the game industry needs to both promote and monetize its music assets more. "I believe the game industry hasn't done enough to promote video game soundtracks as stand alone music," Rajna says at one point. "People are now realizing the importance of music in games is just as valuable as music in film and TV. As for the future, with the increasing interest in Xbox Live Arcade and Sony Live Marketplace, we will be able to capitalize on the growing popularity of digital distribution for game music."