Ritmo Latino, the nation's largest independent Latin music retailer, says it is holding off on selling Enrique Iglesias' "Insomniac," which hits stores June 12 via Interscope, to protest what president David Massry calls "dangerous" exclusives for big-box stores.

"Tomorrow we are boycotting Enrique Iglesias," Massry tells Billboard.biz, adding that the boycott is temporary, but declining to specify a length.

Ritmo Latino has previously boycotted releases by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez when the singers did not do in-stores with the chain. This time, Massry singled out bonus content given to Wal-Mart, though Best Buy, Target and iTunes all had bonus digital tracks for "Insomniac."

"If the record labels don't take care of us, independent record stores are going to be closing and [labels] will be depending on big boxes, and they're going to be dictating to the labels all the conditions they want," Massry says.

Interscope declined to comment on the matter.

Ritmo Latino is set to open three new stores this summer. But the chain's president says his sales are down in the "high single digits" over last year.

Massry was reluctant to blame that trend on Latin consumers shopping increasingly at mass merchants, citing high gas prices and tighter border controls as hurting his customer base. But if big-box exclusives continue, "I'm going to start closing stores, too. It's a no-brainer."