Artists signed to EMI Music can now sell their music to fans directly from their individual Web sites or MySpace profile thanks to a deal with SnoCap. Central to the deal is SnoCap's MyStores service, a Web-based digital storefront that allows artists to sell individual tracks from virtually any Web page. To-date, MyStores have been limited to the MySpace social networking site, but can be added to other Web sites as well.

As is the norm nowadays with EMI deals, the music purchased from the MyStores application will be DRM free, higher-quality files for $1.30 each. SnoCap plans to support full album purchased later this year.

EMI is the second major label to adopt the MyStores model, but the first to do so free of DRM. Warner Music Group in April struck a deal with SnoCap to let its artists sell PlaysForSure-capable file from their MySpace pages via the MyStores service.

EMI artist adding MyStore to their MySpace profiles and Web sites this week include 30 Seconds to Mars, Korn, MIMS and Yellowcard, among many others.