Cream, the U.K.-based international dance-music entertainment provider and festival promoter, has joined forces with U.S designer label DKNY to produce a limited number of fashionable trainers.

Cream and DKNY are creating only 1,000 pairs, which will be distributed from Monday (July 9).

Available for men and women in blue and pink, the trainers have been designed by Mark Farrow, who also created Cream's iconic propeller-shaped logo 15 years ago.

Speaking to, Cream founder/CEO James Barton says 200 pairs will be available via the company's Web site (

The remaining 800 will distributed among selected DKNY stores in the United States and Europe; on the Spanish island of Ibiza, where Cream's season of events kicked off July 5; and in South America, where Cream promotes its Creamfield festivals in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

In the United Kingdom, the shoes can be purchased at the London and Liverpool-based lifestyle store Microzine, which has the exclusive brick-and-mortar U.K. distribution.

Each pair is priced at £69.00 in Britain; in the U.S., they cost $139, and €102 in Europe.

Cream hopes its new DKNY-branded "shoe for clubbers" will be a hit with young club and international festival-goers this summer.

"This is the first time we've got together with a huge international brand like DKNY to promote Cream," Barton says. "These shoes are meant to be special.