Univision.com's first made-for-Web telenovela is co-produced with Caress and carries a music tie-in with pop singer Anais.

"Mi Adorada Malena," which premieres tonight (July 10) during primetime on Univision TV, will be followed by six weekly webisodes between four and six minutes in length. The soap opera's protagonist plays a spokesmodel for Caress Exotic Oil Infusions body wash.

The novela's theme song is "Solo Mio," from Anais' Univision Records album "Con Todo Mi Corazon." The song will be available as a free ringtone from Univision.com's Caress-branded "Malena" microsite for a limited time.

Viewers can also watch Anais' "Solo Mio" music video and enter a sweepstakes to win a private concert by Anais. "Malena" will be promoted on Univision's television and radio properties.