Sony BMG Music is creating a direct-to-consumer mobile content service in partnership with technology firm Dada. The two have agreed to form a joint venture, called Dada Entertainment, which will enable Sony BMG to sell such mobile entertainment content as ringtones, video ringers, wallpaper images, mobile games and even full-length tracks and videos directly to fans, as opposed to selling them exclusively through mobile operators.

Fans will be able to buy the content either directly from their mobile phone or online. The service is also designed to inlcude a social networking element to it, including photo and video uploading and sharing, blogging and other types of user-generated content.

The service will feature a mix of subscription, pay-per-download and advertising revenues. While initially featuring content from Sony BMG, it may expand to include content from additional labels and media outlets.

The formation of the new company is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter, owned equally between Sony BMG and Dada. No details were available on when the service would go live.