Rapper Chingy has split Capitol and signed a new deal with Island Def Jam. A new album, "Hate It or Love It," is tentatively due before the end of the year. In addition, Chingy has settled his differences with Disturbing Tha Peace honcho Ludacris and is now back in the collective's fold.

"Our reconciliation started last year at the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas," Chingy tells Billboard.biz. " The whole situation was a misunderstanding because no one ever really talked [it] through. And as the days went on, it got worse. So, we settled it all at the Billboard Awards and left all of the differences in that room."

Chingy's first DTP single, "Celebrity Chicks," will appear on the crew's upcoming compilation, "Strength in Numbers," due Sept. 18.

Though last year's "Pulling Me Back" featuring Tyrese was a ringtone monster in 2006, the St. Louis native says he's learned quite a few hard lessons in the last few years.

"I don't think Capitol really knew how to work urban artists," he says. "They're really stuck on pop and they didn't know how to market me. I ain't knocking them because that's where I started, but I think that's why they fired a lot of people in the L.A. offices recently. I'm glad I'm off the label."

As for "Hate It or Love It," several songs are ready to go, including "They Don't Know" featuring Anthony Hamilton, "Lovely Ladies" and "Fly Like Me" featuring Ludacris and Rihanna.

"'Fly Like Me' has a mainstream feel to it, like 'Pimpin' All Over the World,'" says Chingy. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne are confirmed for guest appearances, and Chingy adds, "We're also working on a Justin Timberlake feature for a club record I've got."