24-7 MusicShop, the digital music service provider and distributor, has a new name: 24-7 Entertainment.

The move aims to take into account plans to extend the company's portfolio into other forms of digital entertainment, including movies, TV programs, and audio books for online and mobile distribution.

With offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Denmark, 24-7 already powers the online music stores of Austria-based Libro, the U.K.'s Woolworths, and the dual-delivery platform operated by Copenhagen-based TDC, which sells music online and on mobile.

"The decision to expand 24-7's services to include a wider variety of digital assets was a very organic and logical move based on the digital needs of the marketplace," said Frank Taubert, 24-7 Entertainment's CEO, in a statement. "We have changed the name of the company to more accurately reflect the nature of the business."