Digital music retailer eMusic today began offering audiobooks, which are in mp3 format and play on all devices, with no Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions. The vast majority of the books will be priced at $10 per book, with two initial subscription models: $9.99 for one book per month and $19.99 for two per month.

The site will have thousands of books to start and hopes to add hundreds of titles per week, eventually carrying all of the 14,000 audiobook titles on the market today. Titles published by Random House, Naxos, Penguin, and Hachette will among the initial offerings. In addition, eMusic has tapped a number of leading literary critics to help curate the site.

According to eMmusic, the audiobooks initiative is in response to cutomer demand. The retailer says a recent poll showed more than half of existing customers wanted the service.