Legendary Cuban trombonist Generoso Jiménez, who redefined the role of the trombone in Cuban music and Latin jazz, died Sept. 15 in Miami of renal failure. He was 90 years old.

The prolific and tireless Jiménez worked nearly to the day of his death. He is heard on Gloria Estefan's newest release, "90 Millas" (Burgundy) where he was a featured guest.

With his trombone, Jiménez literally lived Cuba's golden age of music. He was a member of the original lineup of Orquesta Aragón and later joined Chico O'Farrill's band.

His greatest success came as trombonist for the great singer Beny Moré. Moré reworked the lyrics of his famous song "Qué Bueno Baila Usted" and turned them into "Generoso, qué bueno toca usted" (Generoso, how well you play), effectively immortalizing Jiménez's name among legions of Cuban music fans.

In 2002, Jiménez released an album titled "Generoso, Qué Bueno Toca Usted," which was nominated for a Latin Grammy. Jiménez left Cuba for Miami in 2003 and remained singularly active. One of his last public appearances was June 23, when he played with Cuban singer Isaac Delgado in Miami.

Jiménez is survived by six children. He will be buried in Miami on Sept. 18.