Warner Music Group will sell the new James Blunt album "All the Lost Souls" on MySpace. And while it's not DRM-free, it will work with the iPod.

WMG is tapping LaLa, which is creating a sales widget that will sell the album for $9.99, and let buyers download it digitally directly to their iPod. Buyers will also receive the CD in the mail.

Fans will also be able to stream the entire album for free an unlimited number of times from Blunt's MySpace profile. The British singer has more than 250,000 "friends" associated with his MySpace page.

In other MySpace news, the social networking giant unveiled a new targeted advertising technology designed to let advertisers tailor their message to MySpace members based on information contained in their profiles.

MySpace says the new system increased the chances of a user clicking on a banner ad by 80%. MySpace parent company NewsCorp will roll out the service this fall.