The RIAA sent a new wave of 403 pre-litigation settlement letters on behalf of the major record companies to 22 universities today. The labels also filed 24 copyright infringement lawsuits against individuals who previously received letters but did not settle the claims.

The letters are part of the education and deterrence campaign the RIAA launched earlier this year, which focuses on illegal file sharing on college campuses. The program gives students the opportunity to resolve infringement claims against them at a discounted rate before a formal lawsuit is filed. Each letter informs the school of the forthcoming infringement suit against one of its students or personnel who used the school's computer network, and then requests the university administrators to forward the letter to the appropriate user.

Today's lawsuits were filed in federal courts against individuals who allegedly shared unauthorized music files on the computer networks of the University of California Santa Cruz; Florida International University; University of South Florida; Cornell University; Morehead State University; University of Maryland College Park; North Carolina State University; North Dakota State University; Syracuse University; Ithaca College; University of Massachusetts Amherst; Columbia University; Ohio University; Kent State University; and Marshall University.

The RIAA is also resuming its university advertising campaign, placing full-page ads that were created by college students in college newspapers across the country. With the ads, the trade group hopes to encourage fans to enjoy online music legally while reminding students of the legal, privacy and security risks associated with illegal downloading.

The eighth wave of letters were sent in the following quantities to 22 schools including: Arizona State University (35 pre-litigation settlement letters), Carnegie Mellon University (13), Cornell University (19), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (30), Michigan State University (16), North Dakota State University (17), Purdue University - West Lafayette and Calumet campuses (49), University of California - Santa Barbara (13), University of Connecticut (17), University of Maryland - College Park (23), University of Massachusetts - Amherst and Boston campuses (52), University of Nebraska - Lincoln (13), University of Pennsylvania (31), University of Pittsburgh (14), University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Madison, Milwaukee, Stevens Point, Stout and Whitewater campuses (62).