The secret to Conjunto Primavera's 30-year career was revealed today during a Q&A with Billboard's Leila Cobo at the Billboard Regional Mexican Summit, held at Los Angeles' Universal Hilton. The answer? A commitment to live performance, an evolving sound that stays true to its roots and being sponsorship savvy, the group said.

The romantic norteño band recently filmed radio, television and online commercials for an Energizer battery campaign -- a metaphor for a career that keeps going and going, said vocalist Tony Melendez. As as-yet-undetermined song from the group's next Fonovisa album will be part of the campaign.

"As Conjunto Primavera, we get these kind of offers, and we have to take advantage of the moment," Melendez told Cobo, who serves as Billboard's executive director for Latin content and programming. And they have, with sponsorship deals from companies including Dr. Pepper and Verizon.

But "you can't overexpose yourself. We've seen groups that are suddenly in everything -- in magazines and telenovelas, and people get tired of them." Audiences don't seem to getting tired of the group's relentless touring. If anything, pop radio has started to embrace the act's romantic ballads.

Melendez said the group has been recording pop versions for this very purpose. The key, he adds, is not to create a sound that the group can't replicate live.

Though Conjunto Primavera has come a long way from dragging its LPs around to radio stations, the group still personally promotes every single at radio by making itself available for interviews and phone interviews. The act takes about three weeks off from the road each year, and though Conjunto Primavera's songs are consistent hits at radio, getting royalties as writers is not on the agenda.

"We prefer to record good songs," Melendez said. "If you're a radio success [there's] more of a chance you'll be a success in your shows."