Kadoink, a new social networking platform that merges online widgets with mobile phones, emerged from beta this week. The service lets artists create Web-based widgets that let users listen to full-song music files, leave and listen to voicemails, and forward both types of content to their friends via the mobile phone.

For instance, a band could post their new single to their Kadoink widget for fans to stream in full. Fans can then forward that full song to another's mobile phone, either via a voice call connection or via a text message.

Fans can also call into a provided number to leave a voicemail message commenting on the song or anything else they desire. Other fans can then listen to these messages via the widget or via their phone, leave a message in response, or forward the message to others.

Acts such as Third Eye Blind and Kottonmouth Kings have been using a beta version of the service over the summer.