The results of a teen survey, conducted by financial analyst firm Piper Jaffray, revealed young music fans are slowly accepting paid online music sources over P2P filetrading. P2P is still the primary way they acquire music, but its market share fell to 64% from 72% last fall. Meanwhile, 36% of teens said they now buy music from online services, up from 28% last year.

Of the paid services used, iTunes remains the primary resource, but it's market share is slipping at 79% from 91% last year. However it's not Rhapsody or Napster making up the difference, which each hold a 2% share of attention. Instead, the "other" category is now 16% of combines usage -- which includes sources like eMusic, and mobile music stores.

Exactly which of these service is making up the lag in iTunes' share is not clear, as the company did not ask the teen users to identify their alternative sources.