An ambitious lineup of nearly 100 Latin alternative rock, ska and punk bands from the U.S. and Latin America is set to take over Los Angeles' Pico Rivera Sports Arena in the first-ever Arka Fest.

Billing itself as "the first U.S. national and international Spanish rock festival," the Oct. 27-28 event will feature bands including Delux, Pastilla and La Gusana Ciega on four stages. Gibson is providing the backline and restaurant chains Pizza Patrón and El Gallo Giro are feeding the talent.

The concert got its start when studio owners Roberto Corrales and Julian Salas of Arka Music began soliciting groups to perform through MySpace. That idea merged with another concert planned by Ric Fazekas, senior VP of artist relations and acquisition for the Verdad y Justicia label group.

"The bands have been promoting wherever they play, on their MySpace, and whatever clubs we can access," says Corrales of the festival's underground promotion.