With videogame scores getting big budgets, live orchestras and real choirs, composers have found fertile ground to create. And so have recording artists.

Incubus, Steve Vai, Ozomatli and John Mayer were some of the artist mentioned at the Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Film & TV Music Conference today (Nov. 2) in Los Angeles.

Each act has contributed music to videogames, which are quickly becoming "the new radio," said panel moderator Jonathan McHugh of SongStew Entertainment.

"These bands have so much downtime, and they're mostly playing games," said Marty O'Donnell, audio director and music composer at Bungie Studios. Mayer liked Halo so much that he contributed music to Halo 2, asking that his screen name be given the credit, said O'Donnell.

Videogame soundtracks have become an important tool in marketing the games themselves, with CD soundtracks being packaged with collector's versions of some games, and online mashup contests drawing hundreds of thousands of hits, the composers said.