Ministry of Sound International has pulled the plug on its New Delhi club.

The dance music brand has terminated its license agreement with New Delhi-based Indus Renaissance Partners Entertainment Private Limited, which in February launched the London-based dance brand's first club in India.

MoS International president Michael Wilkings said in a statement that the decision to terminate the license agreement "was taken as a direct consequence of the licensee's repeated failure to pay licence fees, D.J. fees and other expenses owed to Ministry of Sound, as well as other non-monetary breaches of contract."

Wilkings confirmed that the MoS Delhi club "continues to operate illegally as a rogue operation. However, I would be surprised if it will continue for much longer once the news is out that we have terminated our relationship with Indus."

Representatives for Indus, which has interests in hotels, did not issue a statement and were not available for comment.

In March, MoS's New Delhi club was temporarily shut due to local licensing issues. The venue was also dogged by noise complaints from neighboring residents.

Wilkings says that MoS is "committed to its future in India" and is in talks with potential partners to develop its nightclub, bars and hotel brands across the country. MoS expects to announce in the first half of 2008 a new venue in New Delhi.

In Asia, MoS already operates a club in Singapore. An outlet in Kuala Lumpur is expected to open in time for the Malaysian F1 grand prix next year, followed by Jakarta, Indonesia in 2009.