Patrick Sullivan and Ben Cockerham, formerly with the Orchard, have formed RightsFlow Entertainment Group. The consulting group, based in New York, intends to assist companies with strategic planning and advise them in connection with licensing rights.

The company's advisory board includes Steve D'Onofrio, president of D'Onofrio & Associates; Chris Hoerenz, former CMO of eMusic; Mathew Dunn, Ph.D., founder of Socratech; Cedric Deniau, CTO of; and Noreen Springstead, director of fundraising and marketing for World Hunger Year.

Most recently, Sullivan held a dual executive position as VP of licensing and music services for the Orchard and eMusic. He is also a former director of research and development at the National Music Publisher's Assn./Harry Fox Agency. While there, he managed industry negotiations, internal corporate policy matters, new media and public relations for the organization.

Cockerham served as director of global operations for the Orchard's music services division. He served as the day-to-day manager over the business areas of film, TV advertising, neighboring rights collections and other areas.