Wild Justice Records has sued Hawthorne Heights for breach of a verbal contract.

According to the suit filed Oct. 16 in a Michigan state court, Wild Justice claims that it entered a verbal management agreement in January with the band, which entitled the company to receive 1/6 of all revenue it generated for the band. The company prepared a written contract and gave it to the band, which did not sign it, the suit says.

Wild Justice claims that the band did not object to any provision of the written contract -- and operated under the terms of the agreement -- until May, when the band "improperly terminated" the arrangement, the suit says.

Wild Justice seeks more than $138,000 in damages. It wants a percentage of revenue from booked concerts, merchandise sold during those concerts and a Mountain Dew sponsorship, as well as "fees" for band instruments acquired and an $800 loan to the band.

The band's attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, the group's unrelated legal dispute with former label Victory Records is still ongoing.