Songs from Velvet Revolver and The Foo Fighters will be the first new tracks available to download as playable songs for the "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" videogame.

The songs will be available in a bundle of three, called "track packs," just like the downloadable tracks in the last game in the Guitar Hero franchise. The Velvet Revolver track pack consists of "Messages," "She Builds Quick Machines," and "Slither." The Foo Fighters' is made up of "the Pretender, "This is a call" and "All My Life."

All are master recordings of the original song. They will be available via either the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Xbox 360 console or the PlayStation Store for Sony's Playstation 3. The company did not reveal costs, but track packs for Guitar Hero II cost about $5.

Additionally, gamers will be able to download for free two original songs made exclusively for the game by musicians Slash and Tom Morello, as well as "the Devil Went Down to Georgia." The songs currently are available only as unlockable tracks in "career" mode.