Electronic-tinged rock outfit Ladytron has signed a new deal with Nettwerk Records and will release its fourth album in May 2008. The band had been without a label since fulfilling its contract with Rykodisc after the release of 2005's "Witching Hour."

"Our manager was the one who introduced us to Nettwerk," says Daniel Hunt, who plays rhythm box and keyboard in the group.

"We are in an unusual situation because we're an established band, but we didn't want to work with a traditional major label," he continues. "We wanted to work with people who really understood where we were. The best thing about the Nettwerk deal is that the band and the management will have the ability to be really hands-on with the marketing and planning. This time around, nothing will be left to chance."

This situation is a far cry from the one in which the band found itself after its first label, Emperor Norton, was purchased and then quickly folded by Rykodisc. "We were not on Rykodisc by choice," says Hunt. "They wanted to keep us and we said no. The only reason our last record did so well was because we worked really hard and toured on it for two years. The label really did nothing" (Rykodisc was unavailable for comment at deadline).

Ladytron has just begun work on the new record, and according to Hunt, it is still in its embryonic stage. "We've learned from the past three records, and so far, this is the easiest one to make. So far, it's still our usual sound, but it's developing." He laughs, "Who knows -- it's still so early in the process, we might just end up going jazz fusion."