"Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" roared out of the gate this month, claiming the title of best-selling game with 1.4 million copies sold across all platforms.

According to data from the NPD Group, which tracks sales by console, "Halo 3" remains the "best-selling" game of the month for the Xbox 360, with 434,000 copies sold.

"Guitar Hero III" sold 383,000 on the Xbox 360, 286,000 for the Nintendo's Wii, and 271,000 on the PlayStation2 (with another 232,000 sold on the PS2 for those opting for the version that didn't include the guitar controller). The PlayStation3 version only sold about 120,000.

The totals are enough to place "Guitar Hero III" in the top-ten games of the year. It's tied with "Spider Man 3" at No. 8. It's predecessor, "Guitar Hero II," holds the second-place spot with 3.2 million sold since its release earlier this year, with "Halo 3" claiming the No. 1 spot at 3.7 million total sales since its August release.