Trouble is brewing within the Wu-Tang Clan. Raekwon aired the team's turmoil on the Missinfo.TV blog yesterday (Nov. 7), claiming producer RZA is ignoring the other members' opinions in terms of artistic direction.

Raekwon said the group isn't breaking up but stressed it must iron out its differences in the run-up to the Dec. 11 release of the new Wu-Tang album, "The 8 Diagrams."

"Bottom line, it's a lot of business that's f*cking up the creativity," says Raekwon. "When you're dealing with two and art, that's serious. You can't work for something you can't trust."

Ghostface Killah also expressed frustration with the Wu-Tang operation last month, claiming he was asked to delay the Dec. 4 release of his new album, "The Big Doe Rehab," so the Wu-Tang album could come out that day instead. He added he hadn't been paid his share for touring with Wu-Tang this summer.

Although he declined to address specific gripes, RZA talked to Billboard yesterday about the inherent difficulties of blending his sensibilities with those of his group mates.

"My idea with this album was to have an hour of your day be different -- you go into this other world of beats, hardcore lyrics and imagery of hip-hop," he said. "I wanted the listener to be stimulated by the music. I don't know if everybody agreed with it. Everybody has their own opinion. This is in my vision at the end of the day."

A Wu-Tang spokesperson had no comment at deadline.