Opera singer Barbara Hendricks is taking a leaf out of Radiohead's book.
In a development which has the hallmarks of Radiohead's recent "honesty box" initiative on "In Rainbows," the American soprano's label Arte Verum has digitally released the soprano's latest record "Endless Pleasure," allowing customers to set their own price for the download.

"Endless Pleasure" is offered in a DRM-free, MP3 format, with the album cover and artwork delivered as a PDF.

Customers who chose to pay more than €7 ($10.40) for the download are also offered Hendricks' two previous albums to buy for the same price. Until now, these albums have not been available at download.

The dedicated online platform is lead by Paris-based digital distributor Believe, which handles Arte Verum's digital distribution worldwide.

According to Believe president and founder Denis Ladegaillerie, the first two days' results are surprisingly good. Download traffic has been high, and average price paid was about €6.50 ($9.60). About 75% of customers paid for the downloads. Without revealing exact details, Ladegaillerie adds that a large number of customers paid between €7 and €8 ($11.87), to be able to take advantage of the bundle offer.

"There is a stronger will to pay within classical customers", says Ladegaillerie, adding the initiative is also a very good way to expose Hendricks' music to the widest audience possible."

"Endless Pleasure" is currently available at brick and mortar retail in France, distributed by Naive, and on download platforms at €9.99 ($14.82).