The Nine Inch Nails remix site is live, in beta mode.

After Universal Music Group declined to host the site over copyright concerns, Trent Reznor decided to host it himself. The remix site is "the first element of the new that will be coming in the next few months," reads a welcome note on the site's home page. The official NIN website offers a link to the separate remix site as well.

Reznor and NIN have been posting the master recordings of their songs on the NIN Web site for some time, allowing fans to download and remix them as they choose. Reznor later released an album of fan remixes.

The idea to create a website specifically for the acquisition, streaming and sharing of all fan remixes was nixed at the last minute by UMG after concerns arose that fans using copyrighted content from other labels in their remixes could open the company to potential lawsuits.