Calle 13 and Los Angeles regional Mexican radio host Don Cheto have teamed for a banda remix of "Pa'l Norte," winner of best urban song at last month’s Latin Grammys.

The original Calle 13 pro-immigrant anthem featuring Orishas, peaked at No. 27 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart. It has been re-recorded with some shout-outs to La Que Buena host Don Cheto from rapper Residente and vocals by Don Cheto. The lyrics touch on crossing the border "without money or food" but full of hope for a better life.

"In my country nothing's changed, the rich are still rich and the poor are still screwed. That's why we came illegally, putting up with insults," goes the Don Cheto lyric.

The Twiins, Calle 13's Visitante, La Que Buena program director Pepe Garza and Juan Razo produced the song, which goes to radio on Nov. 30. It will likely be available for purchase on iTunes, according to Garza.

Don Cheto is heard on several Liberman Broadcasting stations, including Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Riverside, Calif. His "Estoy Enamorada" duet with singer Yolanda Perez went to No. 7 on Billboard's regional Mexican airplay chart in 2004.