Juanes' Mi Sangre Foundation and Columbia University's Center for International Conflict Resolution are partnering on peace projects in the pop star's home country of Colombia.

The two organizations will organize conflict resolution workshops and seminars, with a focus on mobilizing the general population in the country, caught in the middle of violence from both guerrillas and paramilitaries. Though the Mi Sangre Foundation grew out of a desire to help land mine victims, Juanes tells Billboard.biz that the university partnership goes further.

"When I talk about conflict it doesn't necessarily refer to conflict with an armed group. Conflicts can be in your neighborhood or community," says Juanes, whose endeavor is about "seeing how the citizenry can be much more active and help. Bilateral dialogues are sometimes...very worn-out."

Juanes, who released his "La Vida Es...Un Ratico" album on Oct. 23, says his participation with Columbia University encompasses three steps: "The first is preparation on my part, let's say academic. The second step is creating a strategy for campaigns and the third would be to do it."

CICR director Aldo Civico says specific programs are still being fine-tuned, but they could consist of partnering with universities and non-governmental organizations on non-violence campaigns. For now, the center has tailored a curriculum for Juanes to study theories of conflict resolution. "He has to give feedback notes and questions and we'll have one-one-one sessions," says Civico. Also, "we are organizing meetings with him with people who have been mediators in peace processes," such as former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, who helped broker the Good Friday accords in Northern Ireland.

"People entrenched in a conflict have a hard time coming up with creative solutions," says Civico. But as an artist "inspired by the life experience of his country," Juanes can help launch "unthinkable new creative ways to transform the conditions toward peace."

The 12-time Latin Grammy winner has championed many causes, including his work with the UN High Commission on Refugees and as an ambassador for YouthAIDS.