French independent labels collecting society SPPF said yesterday it filed a suit against U.S.-based P2P software company Limewire in Paris' Tribunal de Grande Instance.

The society claims recordings from various members are being illegally traded on Limewire, and is demanding more than €3 million ($3.83 million) in damages for the period between August 2006 and November 2007, the organization says in a statement.

The suit is based on the article L. 335-2-1 of French copyright law, under which publishers or distributors of a software "patently" geared towards the distribution of copyrighted works without authorization are liable to a €300,000 ($383,000) penalty and three-year prison term.

Last June, SPPF sued P2P software companies Morpheus, Azureus and Shareaza in the same Paris tribunal. On Monday, SPPF claimed they would "systematically launch actions" against infringing services.